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_____Surf Life Saving Illawarra - Life Saving News - June 06

To keep all Illawarra Club Members informed on current news and developments, The Illawarra Credit Union is helping by sponsoring this news page.

The Following is an extract from the SLSNSW Lifesaving Update emailed out on Friday 23rd June 06.

1. Following from the Training SOP and one of the outcomes of the last education meeting SLSNSW has added a section for a ‘Members course Calender’ on the SLSNSW Website. As per the Course Notification Procedures in the SOP we would like branches to forward the relevant courses through to Bridget for uploading to the website.

Here is a shortcut of a Central Coast Course which has been added. We will be adding a SLSNSW section as well which will incorporate Facilitator Workshops amongst other dates.

2. The new SLSA Powercraft Manual is now available from Creata. SLSNSW will be providing all current RWC Facilitators, Each Branch Education Officer, Each Branch Director of Lifesaving, Each Branch IRB/Powercraft Officer, Each Support Officer and SLSNSW Advisors with a copy free of charge in the next couple of weeks

3. SLSNSW has two new Advisors recently endorsed by the SLSNSW Executive Committee. Steve Leahy was nominated as the new State Support Services Adviser and Henry Scruton is the new NSW Powercraft Adviser. Congratulations to them both!

4. After a gruelling back and forth process with the taxation department SLSNSW has now been able to finalise the $4$ program. For those of you who don’t know there was a new tax ruling for grants that was passed an we had to find out wether the $4$ fell under this new ruling. It made it more complicated that the $4$ is not an annual grant process it is actually an agreement over three years. An apology goes out to everyone for the lengthy process of the return. Letters will go out to those clubs and Branches who have been successful with the Grant. As a result of the discussions with the Taxation Office however there will probably be some minor modifications regarding GST for next years process which we will document next time they go out.

5. If you did not see last weeks club mail it has received a new look. Visit One of the items was the Registration of IRB’s. NSW Maritime has rung us up again stating that they are aware of at least 7 boats that are not registered.

6. As predicted the Agenda for Helmet and PFD has been put up to the National BOLS by Victoria. Based off current feedback John Restuccia will be voting for it to remain as status quo however there has been very limited feedback. Could you please let John Restuccia know if you have anymore feedback?

7. AWSC Conference – Registrations are open! Visit their website!

8. The SOPS review date has been sent to you all. A couple of branches have asked for an extra week which is fine. We will be working on any clear feedback given and will collate any items that need discussing. When all the comments come back we will send out the Patrol Captains cards for your comment as well.

9. As requested by the DOLS we held a Community Education Workshop with the minimum 3 branches and those people/branches that expressed interest. The workshop was an excellent day I believe everyone felt. The report from the workshop will be coming out to all next week.

10. As per your requests from previous meetings we will be providing you all with some Recruitment resources prior to the season for Support Services and Trainers and Assessors. This will consist of a 3 fold brochure for SS and T&A and an A2 Poster for SS & T&A.

11. If you haven’t already received a copy each Branch Education Officer has been sent a draft copy of the NSW Training Management Plan based off the Training Needs Analysis. Thanks to Chris Parker from CC, Darren Buchanan from ILL and Bridget for compiling this. Please read through and provide comment and feedback as this is your plan for you and your clubs.

12. Frank (SLSNSW Radio Consultant), Dean Storey, John Restuccia, Steve Leahy, Jodi Thomas and Craig Roberts had a Radio Workshop earlier this week to finalise stage 1 and to plan for stage 2 for the coming year. From this meeting Dean will be sending out a Draft Radio Plan for you all to comment on and provide feedback in the coming weeks. Please if you have any comments, discussions or questions can you now forward these directly to Dean.

13. SLSNSW are in final negotiations with a Research Analyst from Monarch University to undergo a five year Drowning analysis, 5 year Rock Fishing Death analysis and Coastal Death Analysis for NSW. We will keep you posted on the update however the first draft will probably come out in October.

14. Craig Roberts Phone Call procedures – Whilst Craig enjoys speaking to everyone of you, he would like to ask that you direct your initial staffing calls and emails to Bridget (Training and Education) and Dean (Patrol and Support Services) and of course the relevant Advisers and our fearless leader John Restuccia. This is in an attempt to allow Craig to focus more on some large time consuming issues at the moment like the Lifesaving Legislation, Academy, Emergency Service MOU’s etc. Craig will certainly take your calsl and emails if you send them anyway and there will certainly be issues that we will all speak about.

15. Beach to Bush Instructors Wanted! If you are interested or know someone who might be please let Bridget know!

16. Proficiency Packs 2006/07 – All Branches and all Clubs will receive a 2006/07 Proficiency Pack in the coming month. This pack will consist of guidelines, resources and update information for you as well as a PowerPoint presentation should you wish to use.

17. Australian Lifesaving Academy – This is one of the biggest projects we have undertaken and there is a heap of consultation, modelling, forecasting and project management issues that need to be sorted out over the next two months at a National and State level before we even know what is going on. Please continue as normal and communication will flow when we know what is going on.

18. John Restuccia, Dean Story and Craig Roberts will be at the National BOLS meetings between the 5th-8th of July, Bridget is away until next Wednesday 31st July.


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