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_____Surf Life Saving Illawarra - Life Saving News - July 06

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· Australian Lifesaving Academy

SLSA and the State Education Managers/CEO are working closely together to establish Business Plans for the Academy. The objective for the Academy has been set by the Australian Government and there will be a Business Planning Workshop next Wednesday to identify key characteristics of where the Academy will be heading nationally and at a state level. Please note that applications for the Position of National Academy Manager have now closed. Further updates will be advised as they are known.

· SLSA Award Matrix

The National BOLS endorsed a submission to go to the Public Safety Training Advisory Board on the inclusion of further Lifesaving awards into the VET Framework. This submission will be worked on by SLSA and the Advisory Board over the next few months with further discussions intended to happen. Some of the key submissions include: IRB Crew, SurfCom, ORB/JRB, Heli, and Duty Officer.

· SLSA Training Resources

The Finalised resources for ARC, Defib, and Spinal are now on the SLSA Website. The new SLSA Powercraft Manual is also available for purchase from Creata

· Resuscitation Protocols

The NBOLS confirmed its position on Resuscitation Changes with some minor questions being asked. A full detail of some of these questions will be answered through the Proficiency Pack for 2006.

· Proficiencies

Proficiencies were once again set as a minimum standard for the country with minor additions in NSW including the CPR and SOPS for Patrol Captains. This will be fully published in the Proficiency Pack 2006.

· Facilitation Vs Training and Assessment

The National Board of Lifesaving endorsed the further inclusion of Facilitator Endorsement for:

1. Resuscitation

2. Bronze Medallion

3. SRC

4. ARC

5. Radio Operator

6. Radio Controller



9. Gold Medallion

Status Quo remains where Facilitators must hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and are required to apply for endorsement from the State Director of Lifesaving.

These changes will be made to the SLSNSW SOP and Facilitator Forms.

· Proficiency Numbers

Proficiency Numbers are out! There is no longer a need for such things as proficiency numbers. All proficiencies are to be documented in the book / pad etc and the date of proficiency entered onto SurfGuard. For competition purposes Audits will be conducted by cross referencing Proficiency Books / padsand SurfGuard Records.

· Name Tags for Trainers and Assessors

Name Tags for Trainers and Assessors are available from Creata

· Basic Emergency Care Certificate

The minimum age for Basic Emergency Care has now been lowered to 11 years of age.

· Defibrillation Award

The minimum age for Defibrillation has been lowered to 15.

· Inclusion of ARC, Spinal and Defib in the BM

The NBOLS had a lengthy discussion about the inclusion of the above awards possibly being included in the BM as they now only are small time additions to the BM and are they relevant to what the community demands are

The NBOLS did not agree to the discussion however Strongly Recommended that members participate in these awards to increase their skills level and reduce their time in training within the next year. Please not it is not mandatory.


· Extrication of Diver Policy/SOP

SLSTAS will be working on a SOP for the Extrication of Divers suffering a DCI or Air Embolism and submitting it to the next National Meeting.

· SLSA Patient handover

A National Patient handover Form has been endorsed. This will be available on the SLSA website and for NSW clubs a first copy will be sent prior to the season. The details of its use will be explained in the 2006 Proficiency Pack.

· IRB Towing

The R&D Committee will be reviewing towing procedures for a boat by an IRB. Any Comments when the review occurs please forward them to John Restuccia or Dean Storey.

· SLSTAS Datatracking

SLSTAS will be continuing R&D with their Data Track system for IRB’s, RWC,s etc in line with SLSA IT systems.

· Skills Audit

SLSA will be conducting a skills audit for current patrols around Australia to grasp what the minimum patrolling requirements should be for lifesavers / lifeguards.

· Policy Review

All Lifesaving and Medical Policies have now been reviewed and the new ones will be on the SLSA Website in approximately 4 weeks. SLSNSW will be replicating these changes in the Patrol SOPS

· Helmets and PFD for IRB

The motion to include Helmets and PFD’s from Victoria as compulsory equipment for IRB Drivers was not endorsed. This should not discourage people from using helmets or PFDs in IRBs.

· Patrol Service Awards

SLSA has now included 35 years and 45 years as Patrol Service Awards.

The minimum hours for Patrol Service Awards is 16.

· Cold Water Policy

SLSTAS and the National Medical officer will be working on a SOP for activities conducted in Cold Water as part of OH&S.

· Shark Safety Log

The Shark Safety Log was noted by the NBOLS and will be placed on the SLSA Website – Information regarding its use in NSW will be in the Proficiency Pack 2006.

· Blue Bottle Stings


· National Signage Manual

The National Signage Manual will be going to Print in the next couple of weeks.

· Feather Flag

The National BOLS endorsed its position that the Feathered R&Y Flag is best practice. SLSA will once again place a motion towards Standards Australia to have this adopted.

· Helmets for RWC’s

The NBOLS endorsed that Helmets (as per SLSA Specs) shall be a minimum PPE for RWC Operators. SLSNSW Directors will discuss methods of adoption at next meeting.

· 30hp Motors

2 cylinder 30hp motors have been approved for lifesaving operations. The NBOLS have recommended to the National Board of Surf Sports that for competition purposes that 25hp remain the minimum requirement.

· Lifesaving Service Calculator

SLSA is currently working on a modified version of the Lifeguard Services Calculator to determine minimum patrolling requirements for Lifesavers. It is not envisaged at this point in time that this will be ready for the 2006 season.


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